The Breakfast Club

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In August of 2015, I was cast a Carl in Ponderosa Stage Productions adaptation of The Breakfast Club. Now, just 3 months later, my cast and I have found ourselves already performing for the public. Opening night brought an incredible response from the audience. After the end of the show, many of the people who attended remarked how they were moved to tears throughout the whole production.

Our director, Mrs. Renee Fritz, chose to have us perform The Breakfast Club this fall because the orginal movie meant so much to her as a highschool student, and she believed the lessons it taught were very relevent to high schoolers today. Our principal, Mrs. Garrett, agreed.

I have found portraying Carl to be an extremely tough but enriching experience. Each rehearsal brought with it new relfections on the character and different ways to portray him. Never have I learned so much about acting than I have throughout this production.