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I am Cameron Stumpf. For years I’ve had a passion for creating: photography, videography, acting, etc. My experience in these areas has ranged from just playing around to working with clients on professional projects. I’m most proud of the videos I produced for the El Dorado Union High School District for their Every 15 Minutes programs. These required me to direct, film, and edit videos over 20 minutes in length, with a short time-frame. Take a look around to see the various projects I’ve worked on.

Photography with Editing Services Available

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The Breakfast Club

In August of 2015, I was cast a Carl in Ponderosa Stage Productions adaptation of The Breakfast Club. Now, just 3 months later, my cast and I have found ourselves already performing for the public. Opening night brought an incredible response from the audience. After the end of the show, many of the people who attended remarked how they were moved to tears throughout the whole production. Our director, Mrs. Renee Fritz, chose to have us perform The Breakfast Club this fall because the orginal […]

The Bruin Bulletin!

Recently I’ve been working on Ponderosa High School’s weekly video bulletins through my Digital Media class. It’s an amazingly rewarding experience, getting to share your work with the whole school on a weekly basis. I’ve recieved waves of kind words in regards to the bulletin, from both students and staff members. I believe that the weekly bulletin can really make a difference here at the school.

A Lunch with Secretary Clinton

On November fourth, I had the exciting opportunity to meet presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. My family and I attended a campaign luncheon for Hillary at Angelo Tsakopoulos’ home in Sacramento, where we all got a chance to take a photo with and meet Sec. Clinton. I also had the chance to meet Angelo Tsakopoulos himself. Mr. Tsakopoulos is the founder and owner of AKT Development, a prominent land-development company. He has opened up his home to promising Democratic presidential candidates in the past, current President […]

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