A Lunch with Secretary Clinton

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On November fourth, I had the exciting opportunity to meet presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. My family and I attended a campaign luncheon for Hillary at Angelo Tsakopoulos’ home in Sacramento, where we all got a chance to take a photo with and meet Sec. Clinton.

I also had the chance to meet Angelo Tsakopoulos himself. Mr. Tsakopoulos is the founder and owner of AKT Development, a prominent land-development company. He has opened up his home to promising Democratic presidential candidates in the past, current President of the United States Barack Obama being one of the most notable. Mr. Tsakopoulos was very kind and I hope to meet him again someday.

Angelo’s daughter, Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis, hosted the luncheon. Eleni served for three years as the United States Ambassador to Hungary, appointed by President Obama and sworn in by Secretary Clinton herself. She has since written a book about her experiences and now serves as the president of AKT Development. Just like her father, Eleni was very kind and seemed pleased that I, only 17, was interested in attending an event other teenagers might find dull. I told her about my college plans, and she jokingly told me I should find a career in diplomatic relations.

Later into the luncheon, I found my self face-to-face with Secretary Clinton, shaking her hand and posing for a picture. Though I was shaking the hand of such a prominent political figure, it felt like she was just another person (despite the hoards of secret service lingering around us). She had a calm and compassionate demeanor, and meeting her was an extremely pleasant experience.

The day was cut short as Hillary quickly left to attend a similar event elsewhere and I had to return to school, but what little time I got to spend at the luncheon was filled with excitement and learning.